AHDPA – Fundraising Event

February 2019 – An event organised by members of Almancil International Rotary Club (AIRC) in support of Associação Humanitária dos Doentes de Parkinson e Alzheimer (AHDPA) raised 2,000 euros.  The Association’s day care centre, based in Vila Sol, Quarteira provides day care facilities and companionship for sufferers of these two diseases together with psycho social support programmes, physiotherapy support to families of sufferers. The staff includes two psychologists but also relies on volunteers who provide invaluable additional support.

Three young volunteers from Arte  & Cor Loulè, Leona Cosgrove, Daniella Teixeira and Leeloo Gilbert, together with Leona’s mother Vanda Valente gave up their free time to paint a colourful mural on the walls of the garden of the centre under the watchful eye of local artist and Rotarian Uschi Kuhn. When they had finished the centre was opened to the public who were treated to refreshments and a tour of the facilities.

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